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Why Kolbeck Vikar?

Kolbeck Vikar is a temp agency based in Viborg. We’re a competent team of 5 employees, who work hard every day to help companies and temps on their way to busy days.  A collaboration with us is untraditional as we consider all customers and temps ‘friends of the house’.

We are known for making an effort and that is why we call ourselves experts in job matching – with good taste in the mouth. Our specialties embrace building and construction, warehousing and production and office and administration, but never yet have we said no to a challenge and never will we. No task is too big.

Our services

Temp solutions

We handle a database of thousands of talented temps and take pride in coordinating and guiding the temps the right way. If 1 or 100 substitutes are required, we will do everything to solve the task.

Permanent employment

When our temps succeed, we succeed. That is why we work with our temps on a permanent job after completing the temporary position - and we have succeeded very often.

Areas of specialization

You can’t be the best at everything and therefore we excel in the areas; building and construction, warehousing and production and office and administration.

Business understanding

When companies acknowledge the need for help, but do not know the scope - we always help. Often there is an upward adjustment or downward adjustment in temporary staffing needs?


If you do not know your skills, you are not good at job interviews and the CV may hang far out of your throat, then we help everyone to remember what they are good at.

Fast working

We make a virtue out of working fast. It is an important force in our profession and we are always ready by phone and email.

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Kolbeck Vikar
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