Temps are our most important asset

Benefits of being a temp

Many positions go directly to the temp agencies, and are therefore never posted in the job databases or at the job centers. We would therefore encourage you to register in our temp database, and in that way skip a link or two in the job queue.

The temps are our most important asset, and we naturally make sure that you receive a salary by agreement and that the salary level in the company is followed.

As a temp worker, you will therefore never be in a worse position than your permanent colleagues in the workplace. One of the many advantages of temp employment is that you as a temp employee have the opportunity to try new work tasks and / or new employers before you possibly choose a permanent job.

We often experience that an employer after a shorter or longer temporary period chooses to hire the temporary worker. For us, it is a sign that our match was perfect and that all parties are happy with the course.

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